Data Science

BIG data or small data we use it to solve important problems

Data Center

we provide data center services for enterprise needs.


Our biggest differentiator is our People, we hire the best!.


Continuum offer large scale applications, for your enterprise needs.

Unique approach addresses both the front end tools and the backend data

Company Analysis

  • Corporate Data Science

  • Exploratory Data Science
  • Automated Reporting
  • Data Mining
  • Connected Devices Data
  • Data Science Education

Solutions for every data scenario in the enterprise.

Migrate from Legacy BI

Incorporate Hadoop into every day analytics

Manage centralized BI in the cloud

Leverage the value of data for your clients

Setup your Sales, Marketing & Financial Analytics

Analyze Complex processes or Business models

Solutions we offer.

We plan, build, test, and iterate as quickly as possible.

Businesses large and small inevitably waste resources solving data-related problems only to realize that the result doesn’t actually help the business. A recent survey of IT professionals revealed that 55% of “big data” projects are never completed.

To avoid this, we practice the human-centered design process: planning, building, testing, and iterating as quickly as possible. We recognize that goals crystallize during the problem solving process, and we transition from quick, low-fidelity sketches and experiments to robust, higher-fidelity prototypes only as we learn more. We plan by doing, using tiny pieces of work to hone in on the most useful problems to solve. In our experience, it’s the only way to consistently produce truly transformative data science results.

We have been developing Android and iOS apps for various domains and functionalities, with varying levels of complexities. It includes apps for enterprise functions, e-commerce, travel, sales & marketing and so on. We strive to develop apps that can deliver the desired results in the easiest possible way, so as to ensure optimum amount of user engagement and satisfaction.

Data science done right is capable of transforming products, processes, or policies.

Just like viewing Earth from space gives astronauts a new perspective of our planet, viewing your organization through the lens of data gives you a new perspective on your business.

Our team is built to help you gain a data-driven perspective and see your business differently, making innovation not only possible but imminent.

Continuum is a powerhouse for custom application development and maintenance services churning out solutions for both large enterprises and small startups.

Continuum understands that every business is an independent entity with its own unique needs. These needs cannot be met by applying a one-size-fits-all kind of solutions that can be tweaked a little bit here and there. Thus, we have mastered the art of developing and integrating a wide range of customized solutions. Irrespective of industry segment, we have a stellar experience of delivering cost-effective technology consulting and development services.

Continuum Information Systems is committed to making your business software more technologically advanced than your competitors’ software. Using cutting-edge technologies means that your business is more cost-effective. Savvy use of today’s technology can also save you time, so that you can put more emphasis on profitability.

Expertise by Technology Focus

  • Java
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Andriod and IOS
  • SAP Domain
  • others

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