Using Data Science to Score Marketing Content

Continuum’s approach to data science challenges is highly pragmatic and interdisciplinary. Our relationship with a customer usually starts with our analyzing a data science opportunity, working with customer executives to develop a quantitative business case for pursuing it, and presenting the business case to executive decision makers. We then combine cutting edge methods from statistics, operations research, machine learning, decision science, cognitive science, software engineering, business intelligence, human factors, and organizational behavior to produce a state-of-the-art scientific model. When we translate the model into a production decision-support or decision-automation system, we adhere methodically to agile/lean design and development life cycles that include robust testing at every level, to ensure the most reliable and scalable solution possible. We’re equally systematic about involving customer executives and staff in each stage of a project, to ensure enthusiastic executive sponsorship, appropriate organizational support, and graceful technology and business-process transitions.